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Refocus Your Vision

I am so excited about my upcoming seminar in April, entitled Refocus Your Vision. Back in October of 2017, during my prayer time, I was led to this idea . I had no clue who my speakers would be at that time, but the title was very clear to me. I knew that the target audience for this seminar had to be women. It had to touch upon areas that many women struggle with on a daily basis. Many women are walking around as if everything is okay with them, when in actuality, they are hurting internally. They don't see their potential, and they can not move forward. You see, when your vision is clouded, you are limited in your ability to reach the next level. Sure, you may be able to take baby steps, but you will never maximize your full potential. My goal for this seminar is to empower women to stop allowing people, things, and feelings to get in their way.

The best way that I can describe refocusing your vision is the example of wiping the lens of your eye/sun glasses clean. Sure your vis…