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Break that generational curse

In every family, there exists certain strongholds. Of course some families ignore these strongholds, however, the nature in which they silently cause destruction is evident in familial behaviors, attitudes, and relationships.
I always tell my clients that there is at least ONE chosen person in a family that can break the cycle of generational strongholds (curse) from manifesting. Whether the cycle is created by broken/ unhappy marriages, financial issues, negative attitudes, substance abuse, violent behaviors, anger, etc, these strongholds often get passed down through the family- however, they can be broken.
It takes one person to realize that the stronghold exists and take extreme efforts not to PERPETUATE it in their life.
Through prayer, reflection, counseling, you can make positive changes for yourself that will impact the next generation of your family. Remember it only takes ONE person to notice the cycle and make a change by breaking it. You are not defined by issues from …

What are you waiting for - Live your life now????

If you look around at the unhappy people that you know, do you see them enjoying their lives, NO!!! They are not enjoying their lives because they have chosen misery over happiness. They choose defeat over joy! They choose drama over being content. God has certainly given us free will, and we can choose to live our lives fully, partially, or not at all. One of the ways that I choose to live my life, is by looking straight ahead instead of over my shoulder at someone else's life with resentment for things I have not done or achieved. Whatever plans God has placed on your life is unique and created just for you. What you should not do is compare your life to anyone else, or feel hopeless because you are not doing the things that you want.
Most recently I made my way to my DREAM city- PARIS.I had been planning a trip to Paris for almost 5 years, but it was never the right time to leave. Finally the right time presented itself, and I was on the plane heading to my dream destination.…