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Having faith is key to change

Today I woke up feeling completely different. Today I am beginning a new journey, and following a new career path (same profession, just a different role). The possibilities are always endless when you embrace change in your life, but that does not make it any easier. I am a creature of habit, I have a daily pattern, and I like knowing what's next. Have you ever felt like this? I guess Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, said it best, "Faith is taking the first step, without seeing the whole staircase". I believe that statement is a true testimony to change. You don't know what is going to happen ahead of you, but you must believe that it will be a positive change in your life. The last few years, God has been leading me towards taking more risks, trying new things, which have certainly pushed me to trust in Him completely. Every single time, He has always come through for me. So why would He stop now. I believe that God loves all of us (equally) some of us exercise our fai…

Got Purpose???

Today as I was completing my morning devotional (spending time with God), I was drawn to the book of Ecclesiastes Chapter 1. Solomon begins the chapter by stating that "Everything in life is meaningless, completely meaningless" (NLT, Ecclesiastes 1:2). I immediately became deeply saddened, and I could not understand why. Maybe this is something that I had thought about before.  As I began to reflect on this verse further, I was reminded that we all must get back to serving our TRUE PURPOSE on this earth. We can easily be distracted by trying to make money, juggle multiple jobs, etc. but life is meaningless without knowing what your purpose is. No matter how much we accomplish in this life, where is the meaning if it is not to serve God?? Today as you move through your day, I ask that you consider how you are leading a purpose filled life? Are you maximizing your potential by using the skills and abilities that God has planted within you? If not, what do you need to do to b…

Gratitude is key

There was a time when I was not satisfied with any of my accomplishments. I found myself waiting for the next big thing to happen. I was always in constant competition with myself. This became a problem during my doctoral studies, because I soon became my own worst enemy. I did not allow myself to be satisfied with my journey and look at each milestone as a small victory. Instead, I became angry with God,that He was not moving my life quickly enough (because at that time I was not where I wanted to be.) In that moment I became ungrateful. I did not thank God for all that He had done for me. He supplied me with so much, yet I was still unhappy. When we show the Lord that we are ungrateful, how can we expect Him to continue to bless us while we are in whatever season we are in our lives. I finally figured this out, and as soon as I began to actively thank Him for being in my current season, He began to pour the blessings upon my life. I began writing a gratitudejournal . This allowed me…

The gift of each day

Today I was thinking about how amazing life truly is. We take so much for granted. I know that I often do. Just waking up in the morning and seeing the sun shine is something that is taken for granted. I truly believe that what you think becomes reality, and if your thoughts are negative, you are inviting negativity into your day. God has given us the gift of life. The ability to use each day and make it better than the last. The ability to think positive thoughts. The ability to love and be loved. Are you taking complete advantage of each day that you are given? Do you feel good about your thoughts? Are you living your dreams? Think about these things today and focus on ways in which you can begin to make your life one in which you are excited about. You have the gift, now use it!